Cleansing the body of parasites with folk remedies

fresh herbs to cleanse the body of parasites

Worm infestations, Trichomonas infections, the presence of lamblia in the body - all these health problems in the modern world are solved in a short time by highly effective drugs of synthetic origin and methods of traditional medicine.

The fight against helminths can be carried out in various ways, which allows you to choose the most appropriate technique depending on the general health and age of the infected person.

Doctors may prescribe pharmacological medications to kill parasites. But as often happens, the chemical components in their composition negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract, many contraindications and side effects do not inspire confidence. It is worth cleaning the body from parasites at home using folk methods, especially since there are many of them, and the effectiveness has been proven by more than one generation.

Preparations for cleansing the body of parasites

Cleansing the body of parasitic microorganisms, doctors use a wide range of modern anthelmintic drugs:

  • Synthetic anthelmintic drugs.They are based on chemical components. To many of them, pathogenic pathogens develop resistance, which reduces the effectiveness of cure. Their action will extend not only to the destruction of microorganisms, but also have a negative effect on human tissues and organs. These medicines are highly toxic.
  • Medicinal products of natural origin.Various plant parts are the basis for the production of this group of drugs. They are able to destroy, immobilize and remove worms from the human body without causing pain and suffering. Medicines are safe to use, do not have side effects. When using them, an excellent result is achieved in the fight against worms. They are not addictive.
  • Homeopathic remedies.These are natural preparations of plant, animal and mineral origin, made according to special recipes. Treatment with homeopathy is widespread and is expressed in the selection of appropriate corrective programs.

Cleaning is carried out exclusively by the attending physician after diagnosing a specific type of helminthiasis. For this, drug therapy is used, prescribing various anthelmintic drugs.

Numerous antiparasitic drugs are prescribed and adjusted by doctors. The treatment of each patient is considered individually, taking into account the type of worm and the age category of the patient. It is not recommended to independently carry out getting rid of unwanted microbes.

pills to cleanse the body of parasites

Cleaning from worms at home

You can fight worms yourself at home and use several methods at once, improving the effectiveness of cleaning. Worm control can be carried out in various ways.

To do this, use:

  • 10 g of chopped oak bark is infused in 200 ml of boiled water for a couple of hours. It is taken on an empty stomach.
  • Herbal tea is prepared from the pharmacy chamomile and buckthorn bark (1: 1), insisted for six hours and drunk.
  • Dry inflorescences of whitehead, medicinal chamomile, oak bark, St. John's wort in equal parts are brewed in half a liter of boiling water using a thermos. Used for deworming.
  • An infusion is prepared from the pomegranate peel, one teaspoon is consumed three times before meals. Do not exceed the dose.
  • Medium-sized onions are insisted in a thermo mug in 200 ml of boiling water. The infusion provokes the elimination of worms.
  • A decoction of horse tinder is used to cleanse the intestines from cestodes.
  • A decoction of birch leaves cooked in a water bath and a tincture of lilac flowers are effective cures for worms.
  • 20 grams of horseradish root and garlic are combined with half a liter of vodka. Leave for 10 days in a dark corner. They are filtering. Reception is calculated on 25 ml twice a day.
  • 1 tablespoon of celandine and 2 each of currant leaves, marigold flowers, calamite, wood, boil in a water bath, insist, strain. Take ten consecutive days in the morning and before dinner. The effectiveness of the drug increases with the simultaneous intake of an alcoholic tincture of the agaric mushroom.

Cleansing by alternative medicine methods will be significantly accelerated if you follow a diet during this period.

Cleansing the body according to the professor's method

Cleansing the small and large intestines from parasitic organisms consists of a set of therapeutic measures and prevention of invasions. Most of the varieties of worms parasitize in the gastrointestinal tract and, first of all, it is necessary to cleanse the body naturally from the intestines.

There are plenty of modern methods in this regard. The most effective way is the technique developed by the professor.

Cleansing from worms is based on the hypothesis that slagging of the body is the main cause of all human ailments. The professor challenged the judgments of his colleagues about the benefits of holding wellness events in the spring and autumn. His method is not aimed at eliminating pests from an infected organ, but provides for a complete comprehensive cleansing of the body.

Important:the professor suggests to carry out cleaning in the following sequence at home:

  • Intestines.
  • Liver.
  • Kidneys.
  • Joints
  • Vessels.

The doctor assures that the cleansing of organs by means of herbaceous plants is one of the main parts of healing. As an addition to the main treatment, methods of alternative antiparasitic medicine in the form of tinctures and herbal teas will help to achieve a positive outcome in the shortest possible time.

herbs to remove parasites from the body

Folk remedies for parasitic worms

Antiparasitic tablets are often used. But, often in the practice of infectious disease specialists, there is a parallel use of a number of effective methods as an auxiliary therapy:

  • Cloves and flax.10 grams of powdered flaxseeds and 1 gram of cloves mix. Consume a teaspoon on an empty stomach for three days in a row. Then rest for three days and again the reception. This alternation is carried out within a month.
  • Coconut.The coconut flakes are diluted with coconut milk. The drug for worms is stored in the refrigerator. The shelf life is two days. You can use it for babies. Reception scheme: a teaspoon for children, a dining room for adults, before meals, three times a day, within a week. Then a two-week break and a second course.
  • Hot peppers.This vegetable destroys virulent organisms. It is added raw and as a seasoning in the daily diet of adults. It is prohibited to treat children in this way.
  • Carrot.Its juice, seeds and roots have an antihelminthic effect. They consume the vegetable in its pure form, prepare a decoction from the seeds and drink freshly prepared fresh 50 ml each morning and evening.
  • Onion.A small onion, finely chopped, is infused in 250 ml of boiled water for half a day. It is filtered. They drink 50 ml one time for three days.
  • Garlic.It can be used for setting enemas and suppositories. For this, a decoction in water or milk is used. A candle is formed from cotton wool and a bandage, dipped in a solution, injected into the rectum for 20 minutes. An enema is given before bedtime.
  • Walnut.4 tbsp. l. Pour finely divided kernels into slightly salted boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, filter through a bandage, drink in small sips throughout the day. Take a laxative.
  • Pumpkin seeds.The most common and affordable folk remedy for worms. On their basis, anthelmintic infusions and decoctions are prepared. They are consumed in pure form or with the addition of honey.
  • Watermelon grains.Crushed watermelon seeds are poured with mineral water for eight hours. Drink at least six times a day, half a glass with the addition of honey.
  • Chicory.Mix the leaves of wild mountain ash, buckwheat and roadside cornflower (chicory) in equal parts, pour half a liter of water, boil in a water bath for 15 minutes. Drink 50 ml in the morning before meals for a week.

Each patient has the right to choose one or another remedy for worms, but preferably after medical recommendations.

herbal tea to remove parasites from the body

Cleansing with baking soda

The intestines are cleaned with baking soda. This is an effective folk method that normalizes the acid-base balance. In case of violations of the gastrointestinal tract caused by virulent microbes, it is advised to take baking soda in the form of a solution or drink half a glass of water dry.

For your information.Soda solution is used for setting enemas. In this way, it is possible to eliminate up to 75% of mature helminths and destroy the larvae, to reduce the toxicity of the products of the vital functions of the pest.

To rid the intestines of pests with a soda solution, it is necessary to rinse it with a cleansing enema before the treatment procedure. The intestinal microflora after enema is normalized in a short time. Baking soda helps to quickly and effectively eliminate any type of helminth.

Purification according to the author's method

The author's antiparasitic program is based on the alternation of the use of drugs that remove worms from the body and enema treatment.

A prerequisite for the program is the presence of breaks between cleansing enemas, adherence to the duration of the procedures. It is divided into three cycles.

  • First cycleprovides for the removal of unicellular, nematodes and cestodes. Excretion is carried out by applying an infusion of bitter wormwood twice a day, strictly observing the dose (100 ml). In case of an overdose, violations of the central nervous system are possible. The remedy is contraindicated during pregnancy. 2. 9 grams of raw materials are brewed with boiling water (200 ml) for 30 minutes, filtered through cheesecloth.

Before using the infusion, it is necessary every time to put enemas with a garlic solution prepared as follows. A couple of small chopped slices of vegetable are poured with a glass of water and left for a day. They filter and carry out procedures for three days in a row, followed by a five-day break.

  • During the secondsmall and survived large pathogens leave the body. An infusion of anthelmintic collection will help to cleanse the body: buckthorn peel, oak bark, antemis in a teaspoon and a tablespoon of whitehead flowers, infused in a liter of boiled water in a thermos.

At the same time, chop three hundred grams of pumpkin seeds until mushy. Drink them, singing with the prepared infusion. After half an hour, drink an epsom in the form of a solution, and after another hour, creep to clean water. Enemas should be applied three times a day for a week. Then rest for 14 days. At this time, you should adhere to a diet.

  • Third cycleturned to cleanse the liver. To do this, use lemon juice and olive oil, which have a strong choleretic effect and contribute to the elimination of surviving parasitic organisms.

This method is a gentle method suitable for people of all ages.

folk remedies for cleansing parasites from the body

Cleaning according to the doctor's method

The specialist recommends to cleanse the body using the most effective folk remedies:

  • Garlic that destroys all types of parasitic worms.
  • Castor oil, which cleanses the intestines from worms and their waste products.
  • Baking soda to help reduce gastric acidity and eliminate bacteria.

Cleaning with garlic (Genghis Khan's method). This method is carried out by swallowing finely chopped garlic, without chewing, at night. The procedure can be performed using two methods:

  1. First.A couple of hours after the evening, sauerkraut (two large spoons), sauerkraut or apple, then garlic (glass) are eaten, washed down with brine or juice from vegetables or apples. The next day, they eat only sauerkraut, pickles and pickle. In the evening of this day, enema with a solution of chamomile (2 liters), adding apple cider vinegar (15 ml) and sea salt (25 g).
  2. Second.The course lasts 30 days. The evening ration corresponds to the first option. You need to start with a small vegetable onion and gradually reach the required dose.

After the procedure, the use of fermented milk dishes and the intake of probiotics and prebiotics are recommended to normalize the microflora.

Castor oil cleaning. With this method, castor oil is consumed at bedtime for a week. The dose is calculated as one gram of oil per kilogram of weight. It is washed down with juice. At the same time, they clean the intestines for 10 days in a row in this way:

  • A couple of hours after the evening, they eat 10 g of dill fruit with honey, washed down with water.
  • After three hours, they drink 30 ml of ricin oil.
  • Before going to bed, suppositories are used rectally.
  • Three times a day, take 1 capsule of the triad.

Soda cleaning. The professor suggests two methods for cleaning with baking soda:

  • Orally - solution (5 g per 200 ml of water) a quarter of an hour before meals, three times a day, a week.
  • Rectal - soda solution for enemas (12g per 250ml of water), which are placed before bedtime for a week every evening.

Garlic application

This is one of the most common folk remedies for parasites, used in various forms:

  • Garlic plus honey.Ingredients: garlic 300 g; honey 0. 5 kg. Grind, combine with honey, stand in a water bath for half an hour. Reception is designed for four times 30 minutes before meals for a large spoon.
  • Garlic juice.Drink juice freshly prepared, three times a day. It is recommended to drink it with a solution of bitter wormwood, you can eat it with honey. Reception scheme: 5 days, 10 drops each, then 5 days, 20 drops each. Every five days, increase the number of drops by ten until you get two tablespoons. It should be treated within three months, reducing the dose to 10 drops.

Important:cleansing the body is recommended to be carried out in parallel with taking medications prescribed by a doctor. This is due to the fact that garlic is not able to independently cope with all types of helminths and remove their dead individuals from the human body.

garlic to cleanse the body of parasites

Patient Testimonials

  • The first review: "On the recommendation of a doctor, the treatment of helminthiasis was carried out by taking cognac with castor oil. Before treatment, I ate exclusively fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals. And at night I took an antiparasitic agent. The body took cognac with castor oil very hard - all night there were headaches and severenausea. But, the result in the morning was immediately: the first worms began to leave my body. The course of treatment lasted 3 days. "
  • The second review: "The phytotherapist recommended that I take dry wormwood for three days. At first I did not understand why, but after the helminth came out of me, my health improved. As it turned out, we ourselves do not know what is happening in our body. "
  • Third review: "As a child, my mother often gave my sister and me an anthelmintic drug not only in the treatment of helminthic invasion, but also as a prophylaxis. This drug does not have a strong toxic effect on the body and effectively fights against unwanted guests of our body. "
  • Fourth review: "When treating ascariasis, I was looking for effective and mild remedies. Friends advised me to do soda cleaning, the reviews about the action of which were extremely positive. On its basis, I prepared solutions for enema. After 3 manipulations, my health improved, and worms began to leave my natural way. organism ".

Herbs, vegetables, castor oil, baking soda and medications can quickly and effectively get rid of any type of pest.

In this case, the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the correct remedy. Therefore, the treatment of helminthic invasion is recommended to begin with a visit to the doctor.