How to cleanse the body of parasites at home

According to statistics, 90% of the world's population is infected with parasites and over the years, helminths provoke the development of dangerous pathologies. Cleansing the body of parasites at home will get rid of pathogenic microflora, improve health and restore the protective functions of the immune system. We will figure out how to properly cleanse yourself, what contraindications should be taken into account and what famous products and herbs will help to achieve a positive result and recovery.

herbs to cleanse the body of parasites

You need to know how to properly cleanse the body of parasites and what herbs can be used for this.

Symptoms of helminth infection

Regardless of which parasites live in the body, the symptoms of infection are similar. Unfortunately, most often unpleasant manifestations are associated with other diseases and, without consulting a doctor, ineffective therapy is carried out, which acts exclusively on the symptoms.

How to know when to clean:

  • the presence of pathologies in the chronic stage;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • pain in the muscles;
  • unreasonable fluctuations in body weight;
  • weakened immunity;
  • anemia;
  • allergic reactions and pigmentation;
  • frequent changes in blood pressure;
  • yellow whites of the eyes;
  • brittle nails and hair;
  • inflammatory processes in the body (women need to pay special attention to the genitourinary system);
  • bronchial asthma.
muscle pain in the presence of parasites in the body

It is important! An effective treatment can be prescribed only after a detailed diagnosis. The examination is carried out in order to exclude a false diagnosis and to pinpoint the cause of poor health.

When you can't clean at home

There are situations when self-cleaning of the body is contraindicated:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period;
  • serious pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • oncology;
  • chronic diseases in the acute phase;
  • renal and hepatic impairment;
  • ulcer, gastritis.
  • any bleeding, including menstrual bleeding.

It is important! In case of contraindications to home treatment, consult a doctor. Most likely, you will have to undergo a course of drug therapy.

taking pills to cleanse the body of parasites

In case of contraindications to home treatment, consult a doctor. Most likely, you will have to undergo a course of drug therapy.

Preparatory stage

Before you start cleansing with folk remedies, you need to prepare the body.

  • Vegetarian menu - for several weeks, adhere to a special nutrition system, exclude fatty foods, sweets, and diversify raw vegetables in the diet.
  • Drink plenty of water - 1. 5 liters of pure or mineral water per day. You can also drink freshly squeezed juices.
  • Cleanse the liver and kidneys. To put enemas to cleanse the intestines, for this use herbal decoctions of tansy, chamomile, wormwood, yarrow. The procedures will not only cleanse the body, but also relieve constipation.

Effective methods of cleansing the body of parasites

For many decades, with folk remedies, people not only cleanse the body, but also successfully fight many pathologies. Over the years, experts have identified the most effective ways to remove helminths.

Food clay

Clay cleaning is suitable for those who have increased gastric acidity.

For cooking, you will need to stir the clay in a glass of clean water to get a mixture that resembles milk. Drink the solution when a precipitate appears.

Food clay is taken twice half an hour before meals in the morning and evening. You need to drink the whole glass, but leave the sediment in the container. You can get rid of worms in one month, then the solution is continued to be taken as a prophylaxis twice a week.


Cinnamon has a powerful antiparasitic effect. It is necessary to take the spice according to the following scheme - 1/8 teaspoon daily. If it is difficult to drink such an amount of spice, it is added to desserts, fruit salads, drinks, cereals.


With this herbal remedy, you can get rid of tapeworms and roundworms at any stage of development, bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are two recipes for making the mixture.

Recipe number 1

For cooking you will need:

  • inflorescences of tansy - 4 parts;
  • leaves and fruits of wormwood - 1 part;
  • clove seeds (spice) - 2 parts.

All components are ground to a powder state.

Maximum dosage for one dose:

  • tansy - 1 g (per day - 3 g);
  • wormwood - 0. 2 g (per day - 1 g);
  • cloves - 0. 5 g (1. 5 g per day).

Thus, the volume of the mixture for a single dose is 1. 75 g. Treatment scheme - on the first day, drink 1 portion (1. 75 g) half an hour before meals, the next day - 2 portions, and on the third day and the next week - by3 servings. The powder is washed down with clean water.

After a course of therapy, it is enough to take for prophylaxis 3 servings 1 time per week. The duration of the preventive course is from 6 months to a year.

Recipe number 2

To prepare the product you will need:

  • cumin seeds;
  • inflorescences of calendula;
  • calamus root.

All components are crushed and measured in the following proportion: caraway and calamus - one part each, calendula - two parts.

The herbal mixture is stored in a glass container. You need to take it in a similar way.

It is important! The second recipe for triad is less effective, so cleaning with it is not so popular.

Pine nuts

Cleaning with pine nuts is recognized as one of the most effective, since they have a strong and safe antiparasitic effect. To prepare the product, you will need 5-6 kg of nuts (peeled). You need to eat about 100 g of kernels daily. The course is 2 months, during this period it is advisable to give up meat and fats of animal origin. For preventive purposes, cleaning is carried out every two years.


Among all the methods for removing helminths with folk remedies, pumpkin seed cleaning is recognized as the most effective and safe. This method is suitable even for children.

To prepare the product you will need:

  • peeled pumpkin seeds - 300 g;
  • honey - 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • magnesium sulfate.

The seeds need to be crushed or crushed in a coffee grinder, add 50 ml of water and honey, mix. Take a nut-honey mixture on an empty stomach, you need to eat the entire prepared volume. After 2. 5-3 hours, magnesium sulfate is taken - the agent is dissolved in water; an hour later they give an enema.

In the first year of detecting parasites, you need to cleanse the body three times, the intervals between procedures are 1 month. Then, for the purpose of prevention, treatment is carried out once every 2 years.

Herbal infusion

Bitter foods and herbs help get rid of worms, so the main principle of this herbal collection is a strong bitter taste. For cooking, you need 1 tsp. :

  • wormwood;
  • inflorescences of tansy;
  • inflorescences of St. John's wort;
  • oak bark;
  • inflorescences of yarrow;
  • immortelle inflorescences;
  • chamomile inflorescences;
  • buckthorn bark.

All components are crushed. Pour the prepared mixture into a thermos and pour 0. 5 liters of boiling water. The collection is infused overnight, the resulting volume of liquid is enough for 4 days. The tool is taken 10 days, 100 ml in the morning before breakfast. The course is held once a year.

Garlic and cognac

Garlic and cognac are recognized as well-known and quite effective folk remedies. The drink disorients the parasites, and they lose their ability to fixate in the body, and garlic gently removes them.

To prepare the product, you will need to buy:

  • 1 liter of brandy;
  • 400 g of garlic.

Garlic needs to be peeled and chopped in a blender, pour over cognac. The mixture is infused for three weeks in a dark place. During this time, the garlic smell is neutralized, and you can take the tincture without fear of unpleasant aromas.

The tincture is taken in a teaspoon before breakfast for 2 months. In some cases, there are minor side effects - palpitations, mild heartburn, insomnia. In this case, it is sufficient to reduce the dosage. Cleaning is carried out once every 2 years.

Cognac and castor oil

The action of the remedy is largely similar to the method described above - cognac paralyzes helminths, and castor oil, like garlic, removes them from the body.

To get rid of parasites, you need to buy:

  • cognac;
  • Castor oil.

In the morning on an empty stomach, you need to drink 50 g of brandy and castor oil, wash down with sweet tea. The sweet taste of the drink will attract worms and the remedy will work faster.

After a while, the parasites will come out naturally during the bowel movement. In some cases, the first time it is not possible to cleanse the body completely, 3-4 sessions are necessary, therefore it is recommended to repeat the course of procedures the required number of times until the stool is completely cleared.

Throughout the entire period of cleaning, it is forbidden to put enemas, otherwise not all parasites may come out. If the worms continue to leave the body, it is necessary to continue treatment until the stool is clear. In the future, for the purpose of prophylaxis, the procedure is carried out once every 2 years.

Flax and carnation

This unique combination helps to get rid of almost all existing types of parasites. For cooking you need:

  • flax seeds - 10 parts;
  • cloves - 1 part.

The components are mixed in a coffee grinder and taken at 20 g per day. If it is difficult to eat the mixture in this amount, it is added to food. The duration of treatment is 3 days, then a three-day break and a repeated three-day course will be required. According to this scheme, the treatment lasts a month.


This recipe is great for kids. To prepare it, you will need coconut flakes and coconut milk. You can buy the components separately or purchase a whole coconut - drain the liquid and grate the pulp.

The mixture is stored for no longer than 2 days in the refrigerator, taken three times a day, a teaspoonful before meals. When it comes to treating an adult, the dosage is increased to two teaspoons. The duration of therapy is 1 week, followed by a break (2 weeks) and the weekly course of treatment is repeated.

Do not expect that feeling unwell will go away by itself, contact a specialist. Only in this way you will receive an accurate diagnosis and then decide which therapy is most preferable - medication or home.