Symptoms and signs of parasites in the human body

Modern doctors, as a rule, "treat" the symptoms of diseases, rather than looking for their causes. Future physicians were not taught this at institutes. For example, the presence of parasites in the human body can manifest itself under the guise of various diseases. Let's take a look at the most common ones.

But do not immediately panic and conclude that all your sores are from parasites. It is necessary to conduct a thorough examination, arrange fasting days, for example, on water or juices. Watch your body's response.

Signs of the presence of parasites in the human body

  1. The cause of asthma is often a fluke parasite that lives in the human liver.
  2. In people with cancer, the gastrointestinal tract is clogged with dry stool, which serves as an attractive medium for parasites.
  3. From the lack of silicon, which "devour" worms, diseases such as eczema and psoriasis can develop in the human body.
  4. Rare bowel movements can occur from profuse helminthic infestation, which blocks the bile and intestinal passages, which causes constipation.
  5. Everyone thinks that diarrhea is a way to get rid of infections in the body or a consequence of eating poor-quality foods. This is usually the case, but it also happens that the symptoms of frequent watery bowel movements are the function of the worms, producing hormone-like substances leading to the loss of sodium and chloride.
  6. As a result of the search for more convenient habitats, and therefore the movement of parasites through the body, joint and muscle pains may appear, which are often attributed to arthritis. The attractive environment for them is joint fluid and muscles.
  7. parasites in the human bodyDue to the irritation of the intestinal membranes by parasites, there is a possibility that undigested molecules penetrate them. As a result, the body turns on a protective function, which manifests itself as the production of protective cells - eosinophils. They cause tissue inflammation, which in turn leads to allergies.
  8. The presence of worms in the intestines can cause many skin diseases.
  9. Impotence is a consequence of Trichomonas feeding on sperm.
  10. Poor sleep, waking up in the middle of the night, usually at 2 - 3 o'clock, can serve as a signal for the presence of parasites, which the body gets rid of with the help of the liver.
  11. Chronic fatigue and weakened immunity can also be symptoms of the presence of foreigners.
  12. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the spinal cord and brain. Scientists have found that the cause of this disease can be trematodes that reach the brain and spinal cord and multiply there. These parasites enter the human body along with dairy products. They also cause depression and irritability.

Prevention against parasites

In the organs of almost any person, parasites "live". Unfortunately, even babies still in the womb cannot be protected from damage by the simplest unicellular parasites. To destroy them, of course, one cannot resort to pills, radiation and other actions.

The number of parasites in the human body is increasing and increasing. There are a lot of them, as a result of which diseases and organ dysfunctions arise. If you really want to do antiparasitic cleansing, then one cleansing session alone won't be enough. This issue should be approached comprehensively, preferably under the supervision of a specialist. And so that the "worms" do not begin to multiply again, you need to change your diet, ideally switch to a raw food diet or sit on a plant-based diet for a while.

cleaning and prevention of parasites

Cleaning wormwood and cloves from parasites at home

Of course, it is very necessary. Even if you are not sick and you do not have any of the above symptoms, it is still necessary to carry out preventive actions with the whole family at the same time 2 times a year. We suggest you use the following simple recipe:

Take 1 tsp for 21 days. bitter wormwood (for adults with a slide, for children - without) and dry cloves, washed down with plain water, before dinner. First wormwood, then cloves. After that, start your meal, the food will help get rid of the bitterness in the mouth.

Wormwood will help eliminate adults, while cloves will kill their eggs and larvae.

You can feel lightness and a surge of energy already in the second week.

ATTENTION!It is not recommended to get carried away with this method and drink herbs for more than 21 days, as beneficial microorganisms in the human body may die.

Why exactly before dinner? The fact is that parasites are most active during the dark.

Why should herbs be taken in dry form? As you know, heat treatment removes many useful substances of plant products.

Monitor the health of your body, and he will answer you with gratitude.